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Fans claim SM Entertainment tried to clean up TVXQ Yunho’s image with Red Velvet Seulgi’s TikTok

Fans are claiming SM Entertainment attempted to clean up TVXQ Yunho image with Red Velvet Seulgi’s TikTok.카지노사이트

On October 10, the below video of Seulgi, Yunho, and Red Velvet’s Irene dancing to “28 Reasons” was posted to Red Velvet’s official TikTok. It seems the trio wanted to commemorate Seulgi’s solo debut with the track, but not all fans approve.

Many netizens and fans are claiming SM Entertainment is trying to clean up Yunho’s image, and Seulgi had no choice to film the video because of her label. In March of 2021, Yunho was arrested at an adult entertainment bar for violating social distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also reported he attempted to flee from police.바카라사이트

A TikTok video criticizing the collaboration soon went viral with 165K views, and many fans were quick to defend Seulgi. Netizens commented, “I’m sure SM made them film this for Yunho’s image. I get that Irene’s there, but why Yunho,” “What was going through their minds when the filmed this,” “Don’t criticize Seulgi. Yunho’s the criminal,” “Do you think she can tell Yunho, ‘Because of your controversy, can you not be a part of this?’ Yunho didn’t help here here,” “Yunho should’ve known Seulgi would be criticized fro filming this,” and more.

What are your thoughts on the issue?온라인카지노

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