UN General Assembly passes new resolution on transformative power of sport

The United Nations General Assembly has passed a new landmark resolution, recognising the role that sport can play in bringing about sustainable development.카지노사이트

In the face of ongoing wars, deteriorating economy and climate change, the UN General Assembly has adopted a consensus resolution and recognised the transformative power of sport in advancing sustainable development and motivating young people across the globe. The text titled “Sport as an enabler for sustainable development” was adopted by the General Assembly and delegates discussed the various ways in which sport is changing the lives of the youth and fostering cooperation between nations.

While referring to the role sport plays in dealing with different difficulties which the world as a whole is facing, Csaba Korosi, the President of the General Assembly, stated that sports can bring people together in peace, and that athletes should be involved by the international community in executing the tasks that transform the world.

The representative of Monaco, while introducing the resolution, pointed to the potential of sport for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.바카라사이트

The Egyptian delegate highlighted the multifaceted role of sport in promoting mutual understanding among people, celebrating cultural diversity, maintaining physical and mental health of people, and integrating youth into national development.

In his remarks, the Indian representative said sport teaches discipline, develops friendship and plays a positive and constructive role in development and peace.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), a permanent observer at the General Assembly, said strengthening collaborations between the Olympic committee and United Nations systems can advance the SDGs by using sport in areas like peace, health, education, gender equality and climate actions.

IOC President Thomas Bach said, “By adopting this resolution, the UN General Assembly is also supporting the overarching mission of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be a unifying force, bringing the entire world together in peaceful competition, with no discrimination whatsoever.”온라인카지노

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